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5 Reasons Not to Neglect Your Gutters

When it comes to home maintenance, guttering is something that most owners seldom think about. Unfortunately however, neglecting your guttering system is a sure-fire way to cause a whole host of problems to your home’s exterior and interior. In this article we look at five of the most common domestic problems associated with neglected guttering and tips on how to maintain healthy gutters.
gutter with cobweb


The three letter word that no homeowner wants to hear: rot. At the very least, rot is a pesky nuisance and at its worst it can cause devastating damage to our homes. Unfortunately, neglecting your guttering can lead to the rotting of wooden fascia boards, soffits and other roofing components. In turn this can cause mould and damp that can spread to other areas of the home. This is because in order to work properly, gutters must be clear of debris so that any downpour can flow easily through the guttering and downpipe into the underground drainage system or runoff course. If rain water cannot run through the gutter system properly, you will get what is essentially a ‘backed up’ gutter system that cannot drain water properly.

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your gutters, you may want to check for a build up of debris. Ensure there is no build up blocking the entrance to the downpipe and clear any dirt build up or debris from the gutter. To prevent build up and lessen the need for gutter cleaning, install a gutter pipe or gutter protection system. Gutter pipes and protection systems allow water to run through the system freely while simultaneously trapping dirt and debris. These systems are particularly helpful if you live near a heavily wooded area and find your gutters frequently clogged with leaves and twigs.
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Property damage isn’t the only concern when it comes to neglected gutters, they can also cause a threat to people too, especially in winter. As gutters become full of debris and water cannot drain, this standing water can freeze in cold temperatures and cause a build up of ice. If your gutters become frozen solid, this can cause them to pull away from the fascia boards and fall altogether, creating a serious threat to any bystanders. If the gutter brings the fascia board along with it, this creates an even bigger hazard.
icile on gutters


Unmaintained gutters full of leaves and twigs make excellent nesting material for birds, rodents and insects. The cool, dark environment also welcomes smaller insects, which make an ideal food source for said birds. If birds are allowed to nest in your guttering unbothered this will eventually lead to blockages and leaks. You may also find unwelcome bird droppings around your home, which makes for an unsanitary and unsightly environment. Birds aren’t the only wildlife who like to nest however… squirrels and even rats may make a home for themselves in your gutters if allowed. Rats are perhaps the worst pests to find; they may start by taking refuge in your gutters but eventually, they will their way through into your home, in which case you will have a much larger problem on your hands. Prevent pests from making a home for themselves in your gutters by adding a gutter guard and regularly cleaning out debris (twice annually is usually more than sufficient).
pigeon on gutter

Structural Damage

Full and blocked gutters will start to sag and move away from the fascia boards to which they are attached. This can lead to costly damage to your homes exterior as well as the guttering itself. Sagging gutters may also lead to dangerous accidents for pedestrians.

In addition to external damage, believe it or not flooding from unmaintained gutters can also cause more severe structural damage to your homes foundation. If water does not have a proper runoff course and starts to pool around the exterior floor joint, it will start to saturate the foundation and the dirt below, causing structural damage.
heavy rainfall on gutter

Cosmetic Damage

Structural damage isn’t the only type of issue you may encounter when dealing with neglected gutters. Unkempt guttering may also cause unsightly cosmetic damage too. The collection of dirt and debris in your guttering can discolour water and cause staining. if your gutters start overflowing due to a blockage, this water can start to run down the brickwork, creating unattractive marks on your homes exterior. Runoff from your roof may also start to stain the fascia boards and other external fixings.
snow on gutter